Another reason why the intake of tea can be bad is that of the discovery of the fact that, some teas contains what is known as phytochemicals which are tea extracts gotten from tea plants. The phytochemicals are plant gotten food that affects the human body biological actions and the effects of the phytochemicals can cause serious harmful effects to the human body when consumed for a long period of time. The research made on this issue discovered that tea is a big source for slowing down the digestion of food in the human body. The reason for this has been established that tea contains what is known as ptyalin, which is a type of gastric ferment which contains saliva. The tannins in the human body are responsible for aiding this situation, but it can sometimes be substituted for milk but it is not too appropriate as milk vanishes because milk advances milk.

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The too much intake of tea can cause the body kidney disorders. Except, from the popular forms of herbal teas which have been proven to have a beneficial effect on the body system for medicinal applications, other forms of tea with unproven history can cause a kidney syndrome. Research made on this matter discovered that when a person takes an average of five cups of tea in a day, it can cause the person to have an increase in the person's urinal balances and aside the tea disruption of the kidney, it has been proven that the excessive intake of caffeine can destroy the kidney as it is more toxic than the tea's effect on the kidneys. The excessive intake of tea also has a proven record of creating kidney stones, this is because it contains a high absorption of what is known as oxalate. Which happens when the coronary arteries get diluted because of the increase in the flow of blood and the closure of the respiration produced by the body reduces the carbon dioxide level which is needed by the body for proper functions of the body organs.


The excess use of caffeine has effects on the respiratory and the cardiac muscles of the body's coronary arteries. Hence, this type of situation can lead to the development of serious body ailments, which would require proper medical attention to diagnose and treat the affected person. There is a proven record that the tea is capable of causing a premenstrual syndrome. This research was established when it was discovered that women who drank a total of one to four cups of tea a day are more likely to develop a premenstrual syndrome than people who don't drink too much tea or people who don't drink tea at all. For the people who drink a total of eight cups of tea or even more than eight cups of tea are more likely to get the premenstrual syndromes and their chances of getting the premenstrual syndrome are very high. The excessive intake of tea can lead to incontinent in the human body, which is a state whereby the person would lack the will to restrain the body evacuative functions from either defecating or urinating constantly. As a proven record, it is discovered that the excessive intake of caffeinated drinks or even the caffeine drink itself can lead to damage of the muscles located in the bladder region, which can cause the instability in the removal of waste from the person's body.

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